Anishinaabeg (Ojibwa)

Location, some groups migrate from one location to another through time due to outer or inner pressure; other groups do not.

Anishinaabeg location

Language, no matter where we are in the world the language we speak is not necessarily the same our foremothers and -fathers spoke, sometimes it is related but at other times language shifts occur due to some form of assimilation processes.

Anishinaabeg language

History, every time has it’s place and every place it’s time, it is a sad or a happy time, peaceful or warlike, actors in societies seek riches and fortune, sometimes at the expanse of others, but ultimately it is the winner that writes that history. History can be presented in many different ways that express our cultural ideals.

Anishinaabeg history

Culture & Society, traditions, values, kin groups and expectations to ones status in a society now and in the future, we are all players in the cultural surroundings we are born in, social creatures seeking happiness in our varied ways.

Anishinaabeg culture

Population, diseases, wars and competitions increase or diminish our numbers. Gender values also affects us.

Anishinaabeg population

DNA, what our genomes say about us tells a lot about our origin and physical appearance.

Anishinaabeg DNA

Miscellaneous, articles and other interesting things.

Toronto in Anishinaabeg


Anishinaabeg sources

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