Cuzco, Runa Simi (Quechua) Country, Peru


A mysterious and fantastic place. Surreal. Defies explanation. Who built it? Why did they build it? What is the meaning of the layout of the place? Does it have some correlation to Angkor Wat and Tiwanaku? What forgotten technology was used to move the hundred tons stones from it’s mine, form them and fit so accurately that today they haven’t moved a millimeter?

What great tragedy it was that narrow minded Spanish conquistadores tore up so much of the place to build their little version of Spain in the Americas. They only stopped because they could not move the largest stones. One can only imagine how the site looked in Inca times. Still, the place is definitely still worthy of being one of the wonders of the world.

Stórkostlegur staður. Spánverjar reyndu að eyðileggja eins mikið og þeir gátu af þessum stórmerkilega stað. Stærstu steinarnir eru frá 120 til 200 tonna þungir. Falla svo vel saman að pappírsblað kemst ekki á milli. Á einum stað er eins og risahönd hafi snúið nokkur hundruð tonna þungum steinblokkum á hvolf. Tröppur á þeim eru á hvolfi. Sannarlega undraverður staður

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