Day: May 4, 2017

Mexico y Mexicanos

Mexico, Mexico. 4. May, 2017. On this last day in Mexico City (will hopefully be back though) there are several thoughts that come to mind. The city itself is a charming place that offers many varieties of places to see and things to do.… Continue Reading “Mexico y Mexicanos”

Huēyi Teōcalli (Templo Mayor)

Mexico, Mexico. 3. May, 2017. One must have an active imagination and previous knowledge of the Aztec (Mexica) capital Tenochtitlán, to recreate in the mind how it’s major temple complexe, Huēyi Teōcalli, called Templo Mayor today, must have looked like in pre-Hispanic times. With… Continue Reading “Huēyi Teōcalli (Templo Mayor)”

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