Bernie Sanders 2020

4. July, 2017.

Bernie Sanders for president of the US of A in 2020. Sounds too good to be true. Right. But, this could be become a reality if Bernie Sanders is up to it and the Democratic Party gives him an honest and truthful support. My choice for the office of Vice President would be Michelle Obama. An elegant and smart woman. What a running mate! What a pair! But, first Bernie must make the decision himself. The pressure is mounting, especially after what the world has witnessed from the present loonie in the White House, Donald Trump.


The presidential elections in 2020 could determine for real whether things could be swayed in the direction of the issues that Bernie Sanders has been campaigning for all his life. Universal health care, free or low cost colleges and universities, decent wages and union protection.


These are all things we have enjoyed here in Northern Europe, benefits of a social system that takes the best from capitalism and communism to create the welfare state that guaranties a good society that takes care of it’s citizens but at the same time ensures the most competitive economic system of modern times.


The obstacles facing Bernie Sanders are however almost overwhelming. The true power brokers in the US have been controlling things behind the scenes for too long to allow an outsider, an ageing rebel like my Bern to make any real decisions. The Federal Reserve, the Congress, the US Military and the whole political system. Influenced, bought, owned and intimidated to march in step with the real owners of America. It takes more than my man Bernie Sanders to make real changes.

Sanders-021507-18335- 0004
Sanders-021507-18335- 0004

Bernie was brave in the last election and has since stayed on his course. So, I will keep my hopes up. Who knows what 2020 will bring into the White House. Hopefully some good tidings. A good dream indeed! Good night my American friends on your Independence Day!

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