Two-Thirds of US South Republicans Want To Secede from Country

A very worrying trend in US politics, a majority in favour of abolishing the United States of America, no less. As the author of the article points out, these results may be indicative of the polarization of US politics into hard core delusional Republicans fed by bigotry and racism, versus increasingly liberal Democrats fed up by Republican views coloured by fear of the other. But the fact remains, that people from both parties are willing to put the Union into jeopardy. The flag waving and unabashed and boastful patriotism that the world has come accustomed to in the past 100 years or so, seems to have strangely disappeared from the minds of the secessionist. If ever Putin and the Chinese government can be glad, it is now with a weakening belief on hometurf in the might of Uncle Joe. These are strange times indeed.

Source: Two-Thirds of US South Republicans Want To Secede from Country

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