Forever young Las Vegas

Las Vegas, Nevada.

17. May, 2017.

If you think Las Vegas is just casinos and a playground to do crazy things, well you are probably right. But Las Vegas is more than that. It is also a childlike city that always wants new toys to play with. New buildings are regularly being built on the ruins of older ones. New shows, new machines, new theme parks and hotels. New, new, new, that is the sound of the heartbeat of this remarkable city. The nerve system is the sound and feel of money flowing through the city’s veins.

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Having fun is a constant as long as you can pay for it. It is also a kind of a specimen of the world’s most remarkable places. From the Roman Empire and Ancient Egypt to the romance of Paris. Whatever you feel about the authenticity of such themes, it is very easy to start liking a place that is geared towards making you have fun.

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Las Vegas is however not just a city of joy. On the outskirts of the city is the remarkable Red Rock nature preserve. Millions of years old, it is in stark contrast to the young atmosphere of Las Vegas. West of the city is the desert and beoynd California. East of the city is the Hoover Dam and beyond a string of reservations of Native Americans, the people who have lived here for thousands of years. Whether Las Vegas will last for thousands of years is however a good question. Let‘s hope for a happy ending Hollywood style.