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The Calusa were once the dominant power in southern Florida. Numbering about 40.000 around 1500 AD, they dominated neigbouring tribes. Their society was stratified with a ruler having almost royal powers, or at least it seemed that way to the Spanish who were the… Continue Reading “Calusa”


Not much is known about the Ais who inhabited the Atlantic coast of Florida, south of Timucua. The Ais word for themselves is however known, Ais, which seems to be of the Chitimachan Language Family and means ‘people‘, a common endonym for many Native… Continue Reading “Ais”


Timucua location, chiefdoms and villages at the time of first contact with Spanish and French invaders. The Timucua language seems to be a language isolate unrelated to any other. Although estimated to number about 200.000 in the 1500s, none remains alive today. Epidemic diseases,… Continue Reading “Timucua”

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