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Awakening of the Genizaros: Slaves, Servants, Invisible People

Slaves were a highly sought after commodity in the new Spanish colony of New Mexico. The first slaves that tilled the farms of the Spanish farmers were Puebloans, Apaches, Navahos, Pawnees, Kiowas and Comanches. It is estimated that at the time of the Great…

Secrecy, Culture, History: The Pueblos Way to Survival

In New Mexico is a rich culture that blends together Anglo, Hispanic and Native American elements in a fascinating way. The area is rich in history where dramatic and often times tragic historic events, shape the modern day reality. Among the earliest accounts are…

Walk in Beauty in Dinétah, the Navaho IR

Dinétah (Navaho Indian Reservation), Arizona, USA. 23.-24. May, 2017. When entering the Navaho Indian Reservation (Dinétah in the Navaho (Diné bizaad) language) at the picturesque Marble Canyon in Arizona, one meets sale booths with a great variety of locally made hands and crafts, ranging…

The Worldwide Flood

Uncovering and Correcting the Most Profound Error in the History of Science

Views from the Clearing

Musings of an Indigenous/Black Urban Millennial in So-Called New England


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Galería Atotonilco

An unforgettable experience of México

Era of Light

Awaken, A New World Is Here

Sokoki Sojourn

Observations and Experiences in the Kwenitekw Dawnland

Taken the Series

The more I travel, learn and experience, the more I realize how little I know of the world


a collective blog by indigenous women photographers




Celebrating People of Color


The Territory Ahead...

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