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Guatemala: Amerindians, mestizos and blancos – a DNA perspective

Guatemala, El Salvador, two countries with an official Amerindian minority, but in reality both are inhabited by a population largely of Mayan, Pipil and Lenca origin. Some of them still adhere to an Amerindian identity, but large numbers of individuals from broken up societies… Continue Reading “Guatemala: Amerindians, mestizos and blancos – a DNA perspective”

6. Empowering the Oppressed – The Mayas

Honduras In the western corner of Honduras live the 51,000 strong Ch’orti’ Maya people, cousins of the Cholán Mayans in the Guatemalan lowlands who were responsible for many of the city states like Tikal that the Mayans are famous for. The once mighty Copán… Continue Reading “6. Empowering the Oppressed – The Mayas”

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