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Guatemala: Amerindians, mestizos and blancos – a DNA perspective

Guatemala, El Salvador, two countries with an official Amerindian minority, but in reality both are inhabited by a population largely of Mayan, Pipil and Lenca origin. Some of them still adhere to an Amerindian identity, but large numbers of individuals from broken up societies… Continue Reading “Guatemala: Amerindians, mestizos and blancos – a DNA perspective”

4. Empowering the Oppressed – The Mayas

Guatemala The territory of modern Guatemala once formed the core of the Maya civilization of the highlands. Most of the country was conquered by the Spanish in the 16th century, becoming part of the vice royalty of New Spain. Guatemala attained independence in 1821 as part of the Federal… Continue Reading “4. Empowering the Oppressed – The Mayas”

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